Have an Unforgettable Airboat Adventure

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Experiencing Florida is more than just sitting on the beach. Get a real dose of wet and wild on an airboat ride along the nearby St. John’s River. It’s Central Florida at its best. See alligators galore, exotic birds, fish and other wildlife as you skim across the wetlands.  We’re talking camera-clicking, unforgettable fun.

The wind blows through your hair as you feel like you’re flying over the water and marshland. It’s a really cool feeling! Your experienced, licensed captain will take you on a fun and educational ride like you’ve never been before. Your captain will stop at different areas to point out wildlife in their natural habitat, such as baby gators and big ones, bald eagles and more. Learn the history of the area and the river’s unique ecosystem. Look to the left! It’s the old Native American burial ground. Wow, see the big alligators over there on the bank lying in the sun like a tourist! And riding in areas surrounded by cypress trees and stumps create beautiful Florida photos.

So what the heck is an airboat? Well, it’s also known as a fanboat and is a flat-bottomed metal boat that’s powered by a caged-in aircraft or car engine and propelled by an aircraft propeller. So, when you’re riding in the airboat you’re being pushed by the wind from the propellers, giving you that smooth ride. It’s used for tourism, hunting, fishing and just plain fun throughout Florida and the Louisiana bayous in marshy, swampy water and spotty land where a regular boat wouldn’t be able to negotiate. You’ll get over the initial shock after the first time the captain goes from water onto some land without a blink of an eye.

It’s a sightseeing, unforgettable adventure for everyone in the family, and rest assured you’ll want to experience it again and again.

There are many companies that offer the airboat experience, and you can decide to take a private trip or join others on the ride of your life. Tours are varying costs and lengths. Remember the suntan lotion and if it’s not summer, bring a jacket. And, of course, get those cameras ready!

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